Our Telford Indirect Unvented Cylinders

Telford Indirect unvented cylinders

More people are finding that today’s requirements for plentiful hot water can only be met by storage systems. The ultimate provider of high pressure hot water is a Tempest unvented cylinder.

All of our domestic unvented cylinders are now formed from 2304 Duplex Stainless Steel. Tempest units are finished using a wipe-clean, white coated steel case. Continuing our philosophy of using only the finest materials, the heat loss from the cylinders is minimal, making them extremely economical to run.

We are so confident of the construction that we offer a lifetime guarantee* on our Stainless Steel Tempest models and two years on all parts. As we are continually responding to market requirements we have extended our Stainless Steel range to include cylinders for multiple energy sources including solar energy and horizontal models for use where space is at a premium.



Designed to be linked to a remote heat source, such as a gas boiler or coal fire. The water within the central heating system is heated by the remote heat source and is passed through the coil in the cylinder. As the primary normally operates at around 80c, the heat is exchanged into the cylinder and warms the domestic water. Manufactured and fully approved to the latest British Standard specification B81566:2002 (Part l.).

Direct unvented cylinder specification Diagram

Indirect Unvented Specification

Direct unvented cylinder specification sheet